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Why you must start being intentional in your everyday life?

The most valuable thing we have is the 24 hours or 1,440 minutes that we are given daily. There are many strategies on how you should structure your day. Many teach how you to time block and even the importance of time management in your daily routine. All of these can be essential keys to a more meaningful and productive life. However, there is an approach that everyone must embrace in order to see some amazing things unfold in their life and that it being intentional. I am going to walk you through why you need to stop focusing on time blocking, time management, and even your daily routine if you have not yet focused on being intentional.

What is intention exactly?

Intention is an aim or a plan you innately have in all areas in your life, from the smallest thing to the most profound. It is the very makeup of who you are, it is a blend of your beliefs and your values. It is thething inside of you that makes you continue to progress in life. It’s the flow of life that exists, even without writing it down or even sharing it with anyone. When we were created intention was already planted inside of us. It is a part of our soul and it cannot be taken away. So then why is it something that we don’t focus on?

Why you should focus on being intentional?

We tend not to focus on intention because it is something that was already there. Intention is something we were already created with. When a baby chooses to get up and attempt to walk for the first time, no one has to convince the baby to stand up, it knows naturally that it too is capable of walking just like everyone around them and when the time is right they begin to joyfully and cautiously take steps. No one had to convince the baby or even write it down for the baby to study it (if that were possible).

The intention is the most basic of desires you have and it can be located before you can think of all the other benefits for getting up and taking your first steps. Once the baby becomes a walker, it can now discover new things and find a purpose for getting up and making it to another destination.

Being intentional is setting the right environment.

So here is the deal. What are you focused on? How can being intentional cause you to take those first steps? Intention is the way we prime and prep our environment for the ultimate success so that when it is time to follow through on the routine, time block out schedule and write the vision we have for you families and our business, we are fully able to execute past what we may feel like.

No one had to tell the baby it has to walk, in the same manner, no one has to tell you the most basic things of how to be intentional in your daily actions. You know you over binged on Netflix and Instagram this week, you said it to yourself three times already. You must focus on being intentional in the most natural way. It allows you to be without much effort or convincing.

Gaining Perspective

So before you set your goals and before you try to execute on what you feel is your purpose. Challenge yourself to be more intentional in everything you do. Pay attention to the voice inside of you that says go for it and you know what you have to do. You may not always be working on a particular goal every day, but being intentional never ends. This allows you to have more clarity and a place to start. Let your intention be the thing that keeps you grounded in who you always have been, the walker, and then the runner!

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