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What to ask yourself when you are struggling with discipline and want to give up?


Are you ever frustrated with your lack of progress? Are you often impatient for change? Do you ever feel like you’re not making any progress at all? Do you start something and then abandon it, only to start something else? Are you afraid to start something because you might not finish it? Do you lack discipline?

When it comes to our actions, there are two ways to look at our progress. We can look at our progress relative to our past, or we can look at our progress relative to the future. The most important thing in life is execution. You can have all the right ideas in the world, but if you don’t do anything about it then it means nothing. This is where discipline comes in. Discipline is fundamental to our growth. And if you desire to not quit but finish what you started you must develop self-discipline.

Here we will evaluate some questions you should ask yourself to remain disciplined through the entire process. The biggest win will always be who you become after you persevere through tough times and look towards the future. This is why you need to make sure you are asking yourself who will I become when this is over? What will I want to do next after I accomplish this? What skills and experiences am I acquiring through this process that will help me in the future? Now let’s reflect on these questions.

Who will I become when this is all over?

Often we are unable to push through our current struggle and we feel stuck because we haven’t visualized where we are going to be. It is up to us to decide to believe in ourselves. Making the choice to be disciplined in your studies, your craft, and your gifts and talents is an intentional one. It becomes the motivation for you to keep going when you run into setbacks and issues. It’s common for people to learn the basics and then stop advancing. When you don’t go as far as you can, you’re impeding your progress. This is especially true with discipline which is key to your personal development. Building extreme self-discipline takes time. When we look at our progress relative to our past, then we are stuck where we are.

Even looking back on life and wishing that you had done something differently, then you’re essentially stuck in the past. If you’re looking at the present and wishing that you were somewhere else, then you’re stuck in the present. If you’re looking at the future, then you are stuck building your future. The point is you can’t be stuck in the past or present. You can’t be stuck wishing things were different, wishing you had more, wishing you were better, wishing you were different. It is best to put your thoughts into where you are going. Reflecting on where you will be and who you will become after your current transition will give you something to continue to fight for.

What will I want to do next after I finish this?

Again, this is a question of visualization and goal setting. This is where you decide what your short-term and long-term goals are. If you focus on just the here and now you may be missing what will happen in the next 6 months. When you only look at where you will be in your career or business in less than a year then you don’t have enough of a long-range view. So, you have to stop and ask yourself, after I accomplish this then what is next. Take a moment, write it down, visualize it and then remind yourself of it when things get rough. You must think about who this will affect if I choose not to finish, what things won’t be able to happen if I don’t move forward.

Yes, tomorrow is not promised, but heck many people live fulfilled lives and you have to believe that it can be for you too! Now you will begin to feel optimistic about moving forward. The next thing is going to be even better and you are ready to rock it out when you get there.

What skills am I acquiring through this current process?

One of the biggest things that we forget about sometimes on our quest to fulfill our purpose is our skills. First, let me say that you already come with a set of skills before you even get started. There are also the skills you are improving on and the ones you will gain.

Let’s say you desire to start a bakery and you want to go from being a home baker to having a storefront in a shopping mall. Along the path to get there you may choose to get a part-time job in a bakery, to see how they flow. You go in with a desire to learn how to operate a store and to operate commercial equipment, but the skills you will also gain are interpersonal skills and the ability to build community. When you realize these are all potential skills you will obtain it becomes more of an incentive to why you have to finish. You will grow as a person and you will also have skills and talents you take with you to your next destination. It’s a win, win!

If you notice that how much you want for your life is inversely proportionate to how much you are willing to do for your life? If you are serious about your goals, it’s time to start making time for them. It is time to be intentional about becoming more disciplined and developing yourself. Start scheduling them into your calendar. If you don’t get the time to do what you desire to do, it’s because you are not willing to take the time. Don’t become the person that continues to say they want to travel but never book their flights. It’s time to get to work! Reflect, build the discipline and then go for it!

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