You Can’t Quit Sis!

Motivation to keep going and to not quit! I often contemplate quitting but I remember why I can’t! When you know someone is leaning on your obedience to do what you are called to do you will continue to push past the fear and anxiety!



Do it for you this time!

If we always focus on pleasing everyone else we will never do anything for ourselves.



Failure Is Not an Option!

Did you know that your purpose and failure are incongruent! So what are you worried about?



Tips on how to affirm yourself!

There was a time, I didn’t know who I was. I had lost myself and I didn’t know what position I was playing because the only function I knew for myself was taken away.

However, I had to affirm myself! So this video will motivate you when you are coming out of feeling stuck. So often we concentrate on what the affirmations are and miss how we are to affirm.




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