Life Coaches for Women: The 10 reasons why you will need one.

We have all been there before, as a matter of fact, you are probably there right now. Feeling stuck, holding on to the past, letting your fear of moving forward stop you, and most of all letting your limiting beliefs take over has become your new normal. Now you know that this is the most uncomfortable yet comfortable place you have ever been in! Many of these issues are what drives life coaches for women to help their clients.

You may say to yourself, yea I lost the marriage so I don’t see any reason to still get fit, or my boss is already on my back about everything why should I try to excel at those new tasks, or even, I can’t keep up with my friends and their accomplishments they are just too far ahead of me. All of these are the reasons why you will be the perfect candidate for a life coach.

When you feel stuck, when you have a sense of panic, when you feel you can’t make it to the next thing without some help, you are already beginning to understand how that limiting mindset is holding you back from moving to what is most important to your happiness which is your future.

I would say I am probably the poster child for having an overload of pain and low self-esteem that I was screaming, help me, anybody, any coach, mentor, or voice, help me out of this hurt, I want immediate relief, get me out of this.

It is this driving force that brings us to ultimately the 10 reasons why you need and even more importantly why you should look into finding a life coach for women to help you get your life all the way together.

1. Great life coaches for women will not tell you what to do.

This one used to shock me about life coaches and believe it or not is the main reason why men choose to avoid life coaches as well as therapist as well for that matter. The fear that they are coming in to tell you how to live your life is not the goal of the life coach. A good life coach is simply there to ask the right questions and guide you to a workable life space that you can confidently navigate on your way to the future that you desire. See doesn’t that feel better already.

2. Good life coaches are rooting for your success.

 Coaches differ from a therapist in a few different ways, as they are not there to concentrate on the past. Coaches are not sent to help you heal your past, but to help you achieve goals for the future. Your success and your achievement are what drives the work of the life coach.

3. The coach has been where you are now. 

This right here is a magical one, because sometimes we forget that they are a life coach for a reason. They have been there! Guess what, this also means that they were able to navigate this terrain and they are coming back around to be a guide for those that are going through it themselves. Don’t be intimidated feeling they have it all together, nope, they have had to climb through these same hoops and loops you have.

4. Good life coaches have a neutral opinion and approach.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to worry about bias when working with a life coach. They have a neutral approach and they are not worried about trying to get you to think a certain way and accept a certain opinion. You can be confident in knowing they are not there to agree with your mom’s opinion of your boyfriend or even create their own opinion but come from a neutral approach to help you figure out the best outcome for yourself.

5. Good life coaches will help you feel normal. 

Breaking news alert! You are not the only one that is feeling stuck, you are not the only one that has seen these issues before, you are not the only one seeking a life coach. I know it’s difficult to think that there are many just like you in these scenarios, but it’s true. They will help you realize that others including themselves have been here and that there is a way out of it and that thriving is available for you just the same. See I’m sure you are feeling better already just by knowing that you are normal girl!

6. Good life coaches will ask you the right questions to guide you. 

Coaching is just that a series of questions that lead to strategies and then ultimately accountability. Yes, believe it or not, the questions are going to be exactly what you need. They are challenging your perspective and opening up your mind and abilities to expand beyond what you thought they could. We all need that person to ask just the right thing to get our wheels turning.

7. Good life coaches are not here to judge you.

So, you think you are just signing up for someone to talk about what you haven’t done yet and why you can’t accomplish the goals you are trying to achieve. Well, think again! They are not here to judge you for where you are, they are simply here to help guide you to where you are going. So rest assured that you have an ally that desires to keep you accountable for the things you want to do for your future.

8. They will be your greatest investment. 

The keyword here is an investment. Life coaching fees should not be budgeted like dining with friends or purchasing extra shoes.  Investing in a great life coach to help propel you into a booming future is a self-investment. It is self-care. Your family, friends, career, and most of all you will benefit tremendously. You can now no longer feel stuck but moving forward in many areas in your life.

9. Great life coaches for women will challenge your perspective.

We don’t even realize it, but we are almost always in our own head. As women our minds can be all over the place. Sometimes we can’t figure out what we want to have for dinner or weather to create or purchase Halloween costumes. Then there is whether we agree or disagree with our husband’s new way of setting up the kitchen. Then you ask why is he in their anyway when he does less than 10% of the cooking. Having a life coach allows for questions and discussion to see a new perspective.  This helps you focus on what is important and allows you to progress towards a balanced and working future.

10. Their success is fueled by your success. 

Yep, that’s right. Great life coaches for women know that pulling the best out of you is a great representation of themselves as a coach. Their ultimate goal is to have clients thriving in the marketplace of their influence. It’s like great customer service at a restaurant, word spreads, and people will come and visit just for the same experience and outcomes that one has had before. Don’t get confused when it comes to great life coaches, they are banking on your improvement and your successes.


The benefit comes down to this!

They are sent to be an asset investment to your self-development and your self-improvement. Many successful celebrities, entrepreneurs, and working and stay-at-home moms have life coaches. Life coaches are helping them achieve their goals and with a support system and strategy that they can rely on.

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