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How to maintain your productivity as an entrepreneur when experiencing anxiety.

When panic sets in our tendencies are to just stop, take a pause, give up and even hold off because it’s uncomfortable and if the working conditions are not just right we don’t feel that we can actually produce anything great. As entrepreneurs, our success is dependent on the effort that we put in to produce quality services, and products. Although sometimes we can become overwhelmed with anxiety and worry that things are not working out the way we intended or there may be issues with things we planned. It is up to us to learn how to bounce back and still produce even in the midst of panic and worry.

Worry can be a horrible feeling. It is the feeling of panic, anxiety, and even fear. It is the feeling of not being in control and being overwhelmed. We often go through life in our own little bubble, not realizing that we are the ones who are in control of our happiness. If we want to be happy, then we need to make the changes that will help us to feel happy (and not just say we are happy). Sometimes we are so busy being busy that we don’t even realize that we are in control of our own moods. We just go through life, reacting to things, and not doing anything to change the way we feel. These are the things you can do to become more productive even when anxiety and worry set in.

Understand the root of your anxiety

There are several reasons why you might be feeling anxious, but the main source is the way you perceive danger. People with anxiety disorders think that danger is lurking somewhere around them, but you don’t have to be a victim of your own mind. You can learn to control the way you think and how you interpret your environment. Some basic ways to do this would be to journal or spend time in mediation.

Try putting your anxiety into a story

Anxiety is just another word for worry, fear, and panic. It’s that feeling of dread, that feeling that there is something to worry about or fear, and the feeling of impending doom. Anxiety is a common feeling that we all feel from time to time. It is normal if you feel unsure of yourself when you are in a new place, meeting new people or if you are in a situation that you don’t quite know how to handle. Although it has become your norm to feel anxious, sometimes we end up just feeling anxious too often. When you are anxious too often, it can start to have a negative impact on your life. You might feel unhappy and depressed. If you begin to then place the start and the why and the conclusion to your anxiety story you are more likely to come up with a different ending.

Recognize the effects of your anxiety on your behavior

It is always best to not just ignore what may be causing your to panic and worry but start to use mindfulness to truly be present in the moment of your anxious behavior. You will need to ask yourself why am I thinking this way and what is triggering this response.

When you start to realize that your anxiety makes you yell at the kids more often, become short on the conference call or even shut yourself out of fun activities because you have been worrying all week and you simply don’t have enough energy to enjoy yourself. Tapping into these moments will help you see the effects of your panic and how they affect your success in your day-to-day life.

Recognize how it affects others

The employee that stays away from you when you come into the office, the business calls that don’t happen as often as you would like, the eggshells that others are walking on around you, are sure ways to tell if your anxious behavior and lack of productivity due to feeling overwhelmed is affecting others. Until you take the time to recognize how others are affected you will not be able to improve these environments so that the entire team can be more productive and happy.

Find peace even when it seems difficult.

The greatest bounce-back tactic you can have as an entrepreneur is to be able to find your peace in the middle of any situation. You can choose to meditate, pray, take a walk, or even a little self-care can go a long way when you are finding your way out of panic mode. Make a decision to take a two-hour break to meditate, take a nap, or even take a walk. When you come back you are going to be even more prepared than where you were. You cannot allow the feeling of overwhelming circumstances to stop you, slow you down or cause you to procrastinate when you are running your business. Take a moment!

Think of it like this, you are in control of your decision and actions. You don’t have to let your anxiety control you.

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