Hey! It’s Valerie…

Welcome to The Pop-Out Squad!

Our Vision

To empower and equip women to transition into peace, purpose, and success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach women through developmental coaching, how to execute and master their life goals while building better communities.

Welcome to The Pop-Out Squad!

The Pop-Out Coach

Valerie Veal

The Pop-Out Squad

The Pop-Out Squad is a community of women leaders who support one another on their journey into peace, purpose, and success. They have dedicated themselves to doing the work that puts their faith to the test in executing their hopes, dreams, and desires one goal at a time until mastery. They are world changers and atmosphere shakers and include creatives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, ministers, and teachers.

The Goal!

To change lives with the skills obtained to execute goals and move
from worry and procrastination into purpose and success. You will be able to connect and build
better communities and walk boldly in your purpose, passion, and desires.


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