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4 tips to help introverts succeed as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship isn’t one personality type.

Who says entrepreneurs can only be an extrovert? No, go! This is just a myth that entrepreneurs are often times extroverts. In fact, there is little to do with personality types when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is more about your discipline and achieving your goals one at a time. Introverts gain energy from spending time alone. While extroverts gain their fuel by being surrounded by people. It’s not a matter of how you get the juice to be an entrepreneur and more so that you have the juice to do the work.

What is an introvert?

An introvert is one end of the spectrum of personality traits that tends to be a major one that most people identify with. Opposite to extroversion, an introvert tends to be quieter, reserved, and even shy at times. They enjoy their time of solitude and tend to be drained of energy after being around large groups or crowds of people. They tend to have a smaller group of friends or colleagues and too much stimulation can leave them feeling distracted or unfocused.

tips for introverts going into entrepreneurship.


1. Don’t put yourself in a box

Having a label plastered across your forehead can be dangerous. You come to believe that you have to be held back by that label. Well, you can’t let the label of introvert control your destiny. These labels can have you believe that you can’t have success as an entrepreneur. However, If your heart desires to become an entrepreneur, then you have to take the label off your forehead and move forward, even as an introvert. Your personality type doesn’t define what you are capable of.

2. Identify and own your strengths. 

Believe it or not, introversion personality types have many strengths that are great for entrepreneurship. Even if your strength isn’t networking in a busy room every weekend, if your strength is writing, video creating, and even coaching or mentoring. Create a system and business that thrives on these types of strengths. There is not just one type of business to run, run the one that thrives on your strengths as an introvert.

3. Strengthen your weaknesses with support. 

What may be considered a weakness in an introvert can always be supplemented with assistance from others. As an entrepreneur, you must complete certain tasks even if you don’t have the energy to. Always lean towards those that can assist. Building a team around you that can help support you, whether that is in sales, public speaking, or even outsourcing projects.

4. Introverts should prioritize Self Care. 

We know that introverts must be able to have that time to themselves to recharge. It is a must that introverts even as entrepreneurs prioritize their alone time for creativity and energy.  The sky is the limit for an introvert that prioritizes self-care.

You should not be labeled just shy as an introvert. There is much more an introvert can offer in the entrepreneur space.

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