The Pop-Out Coach

Valerie Veal

The Pop-Out Coach is a leadership coach and motivational speaker who teaches female leaders how to move from panic and procrastination into peace, purpose, and success. She is a
transparent and authentic coach and mentor with a
powerful voice leading women into greatness.


Let’s Get Ready to P.O.P OUT!


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Empower To Peace

This is about becoming
confident in who you are and silencing all the peace blockers
in your life. Peace starts with a clean heart that is created with
mindfulness, self-awareness, and forgiveness. You will identify your pathway to peace and be ready to receive your purpose.





Equip To Purpose

Now the development of your purpose begins. You begin to engage your
improved core belief system and apply them right away, in your communities, places of employment, or anywhere you can boldly exercise your strengths and skills. This is where grit and
determination thrive and you will now set your goals, action steps and build upon your relationships, self-management, and decision-making skills. Your purpose will collide right into you during this time.



Group of cheering african american and caucasian and hispanic and latin young adults


Transition To Success

Social awareness is the focus here. You begin the starting phases of building
communities that can assist on your journey to full success in
your business, passion, or desire. This transition includes self-care, identifying your why, and creating the building blocks for consistency.


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